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Gas Shielded Tungsten Arc Welding

TIG Tungsten Inert Gas UK
ARGONARC Tungsten Inert Gas (BOC Tradename) UK
GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding US
HELIARC CO2 + Oxygen (US Tradename) UK US

Consists of an AC/DC arc burning between a non-consumable electrode and the workpiece to melt the joint area. The area of the arc is enveloped in a protective gas shield which protects the weld pool and electrode from contamination while allowing a stable arc to be maintained. The filler wire is added either by hand, or in the mechanised process, by feed rollers attached to the torch.

Gas, water and electrical circuits for TIG welding equipment

connected to existing power sources

Common applications consists of high quality welding on stainless steels; aluminium and its alloys; copper; nickel alloys and rare materials such as titanium and zirconium. Mild steels are welded when full penetration welds are required within certain tolerances, both in size and x-ray quality.

Used widely in the aerospace, chemical and nuclear industries.

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